The perfect itinerary when family comes to town

Alex's dad, step-mom, and brother came to visit us this past weekend, our first visitors since we moved to Boulder in November. We queued up, if I may say, a great weekend for the five of us, and here it is: 

Our 3-day Boulder Itinerary

Friday: drinks at Rayback, dinner at the Med, music at License No. 1.

Saturday: hiking crawl to various spots like Chautauqua, NCAR, Flagstaff Summit, stroll down Pearl Street, a stop at Boulder's finest dispensary (their idea, not ours), dinner at Sherpa's, music at the Post.

Sunday: breakfast at our place (we made shakshuka), and a chill afternoon of Mario Kart, the movies, and relaxing.

The air was chilly, but the sun was warm, so we were able to spend a good amount of time outside. Not a bad weekend.

What I'm baking

I made baklava last week, and it came out so well! I used this recipe from Natasha's Kitchen, for a sweeter, honey-infused flavor. I added a little extra cloves and nutmeg, too. I also used the tips from this YouTube video, including the proportion of phyllo dough to filling. It came out great and was surprisingly quick to pull together.

What I'm reading

I am almost finished with Ryan Holiday's Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue. It's about Peter Thiel's nearly decade-long effort to take down Gawker after they outed him in a blog post. The story definitely promises on intrigue and conspiracy—it's tough to believe the lengths Thiel went to in order to disarm a website. I wasn't crazy about Ryan Holiday's style of writing. He harks back a few times to often to Machiavelli and ancient Rome, really trying to drive in that conspiracy angle. 

What I'm watching

We saw Isle of Dogs, the new Wes Anderson movie. It's my favorite one to date.

Hiking around NCAR with the fam

Hiking around NCAR with the fam