Food is on my mind


This is going to be a short post today. In my efforts this week to get more and more plugged into the Boulder community, I'm heading to Design Hours' Pitch Masters event. Here's the promo line: "Five of Boulder's most creative minds will channel their inner Don Draper to see who can give the best two-minute pitch—on a surprise topic. Could be PB&J Sandwiches. Could be about Ron Swanson. Or maybe even kombucha." I mean, how could I not?? 

This week Alex and I generally have been trying to get better plugged in. I joined a coworking space, we met up with a friend's friend, and we both signed up for a bunch of Meetups. 

What I'm reading

I'm skimming Big Magic by Liz Gilbert as quickly as I can before the book club I want to join meets on Saturday. I'm really not a fan of self-help/inspo books, but she just described a chance encounter with Ann Patchett, which, from my last post, you know I LOVE, so I'm open to giving this another chance.

What I'm baking

Chai tea cupcakes! They came out so well, I'm pleased. Recipe in Kim Laidlaw's Dessert of the Day: 365 recipes for every day of the year.


The splurge I'm considering

Thinking about joining a meal plan again. I've done them before, but it didn't make sense in New York when we lived above a grocery store. Now that we're a drive away from the nearest grocery store, having groceries shipped straight to our door sounds a lot more tempting.

Till next time!