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Speaking at Society for News Design's conference in Charlotte this April

I’m thrilled to say that I will be speaking at the Society for News Design’s conference in a few months. I’ll discuss how I approached adapting the design process for a voice-based interface, inspired by this case study I wrote last year for Vox Media's product blog. SND interviewed me for their website, and I figured I’d repost it here. Enjoy! 

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Why Learning to Code is So Hard

Coding is the new literacy. It's easy. Everyone's learning it. Everyone should learn it.

We've heard those refrains before. The truth is, programming is difficult.

Not the act of it itself, at least for quick and dirty front-end effects. In fact, I found programming to be quite logical and straightforward. What made me want to pull my hair out was everything before and after writing code—like how to set up my environment, where to start a project, and which tools, languages, and frameworks I should devote my time to learning. I spent—and still spend—hours trying to figure out how to do simple stuff. Many other beginners feel similarly.

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m starting this blog in part because existing online materials cater to either total beginners or accomplished programmers. Here are four reasons why learning to code is difficult—and none of them involve the actual act of writing.