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A Highly Subjective Guide to Design Prototyping Tools

A few weeks ago, my design director asked if I’d mind making a quick six-screen prototype that we could test with users. The mocks were done, and all I needed to do was string them together into a prototype that we could load into our testing suite.

I flipped through my mental rolodex of prototyping tools. Sure, I said. I estimated a few hours, tops. Those few hours soon stretched into a week.

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Three questions I asked myself after attending IxDA’s Interaction 17

Last week, I attended Interaction 17, Interaction Design Association’s annual conference. Alongside more than 1,000 other designers and makers, I listened to dozens of presentations about applying design to real world problems. I heard folks detail the challenges of expanding internet access in far-flung regions of Africa, designing interactions for automated cars, and staying mindful while still engaging with wearable technology products

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Speaking at Society for News Design's conference in Charlotte this April

I’m thrilled to say that I will be speaking at the Society for News Design’s conference in a few months. I’ll discuss how I approached adapting the design process for a voice-based interface, inspired by this case study I wrote last year for Vox Media's product blog. SND interviewed me for their website, and I figured I’d repost it here. Enjoy!